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At Healing Steps, our heartfelt mission extends beyond counseling to providing an active, enriching day program for adults with special needs. We understand that once school services end, the journey continues. Our program is designed to fill the gap, offering a private, high-quality option for adults aged 22 and older.

Parent & Caregiver Group Therapy 6 Week Session

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What: Parent and Caregiver Group Therapy 6 weeks

When: 2 Groups will be offered Saturdays (beginning March 2, 2024) at 10:00am and Mondays
(Beginning February 26, 2024) at 5:00pm

Where: Zoom Video (link will be provided upon registration)

Purpose and Objectives:

The purpose of this group is to educate parents and caregivers of children and
adolescents on ways that can impactfully reduce any negative interactions and
create empowerment of the self as a caregiver. It is our hope to provide insight
into mental wellbeing and current coping patterns while bringing together others
who have similar stressors and experiences of life. We will provide you with
wellness action recovery planning tools so that you can confidently acknowledge
the current stressors you face and hopefully encourage predictions of potential
future stressors. The group will work on structuring action plans that fit the unique
situations of live experiences, as what might work for one human might not for
another. It is our hope to allow the appropriate process for a personal retrieval of
tools needed for success through interactions with others in similar situations.

Limit 10 participants per session

Cost per person: $60 ($10 per session); payment is due in full upon registration (unless covered
by insurance)

Group Therapy may be covered by your insurance, inquire with our billing department
[email protected] to verify.

Interested parties can email [email protected] or call or text 708-855-3563

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At Healing Steps, our mission is to offer compassionate, high-quality mental health services for all, from children to seniors, including individuals, couples, families, and groups. We address a range of concerns like anxiety, depression, trauma, and more.

Our focus is on fostering empowerment, expanding access to treatment and education, and supporting the broader community through a nurturing and inclusive environment.

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Healing Steps is more than a day program—it's a place of growth, learning, and community integration. We pride ourselves on offering an alternative to state-funded programs with a personalized touch, ensuring each participant receives the attention and care they deserve.

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