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Empowerment Through Faith and Knowledge

At Healing Steps, we believe in the transformative power of words and the enduring strength of a community enlightened through shared wisdom and spiritual upliftment.

Spiritual Retreats & Special Events

For over three decades, our founder has walked in faith, with Jesus Christ lighting the path. It is this profound journey and enduring relationship with the Lord that we bring to your spiritual retreats and special events. Our mission is to share the boundless love of God, offering a beacon of hope and companionship to all souls on the intricate journey of life.

We invite you to delve deeper into your faith, to discover solace in knowing you are never alone. Let us come together to ignite hearts, awaken spirits, and strengthen bonds with Christ.


Clinical Knowledge - For A More Conscious World

In the pursuit of lifelong learning, Healing Steps Counseling brings a  wealth of knowledge to your schools, corporations, churches, and volunteer organizations. Our clinical expertise is not just information, it's a catalyst for transformation.


Emotional Intelligence: Harness the power of emotions for improved interpersonal relationships and personal growth.

Health and Wellness: Learn strategies for maintaining physical and mental well-being in the modern world.

Communication: Master the art of interaction to build stronger connections and resolve conflicts effectively.

Stress Management: Equip yourself with the tools to navigate life's pressures with grace and resilience.

If there's a particular subject you seek enlightenment on, reach out to Healing Steps Counseling. Our bespoke presentations are designed to address the unique needs and curiosities of your group.

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Every audience deserves an experience that resonates and endures. Contact Healing Steps Counseling to arrange a speaking engagement tailored to inspire, educate, and transform.