Clinical Supervision

for LCSW & LCPC 

Professional Journey

Embrace Your Professional Journey with Expert Supervision

At Healing Steps Counseling Center, we're committed to nurturing the growth of future social work and counseling professionals. Our comprehensive supervision program is designed to guide LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) candidates through the required 3,000 hours of supervision with expertise and care. For those joining the Healing Steps family as employees, we proudly offer this essential service free of charge.

Individual and Group Supervision

Our program is structured to accommodate both individual and group formats, providing a dynamic learning environment that fosters collaboration and individual growth.

Individual and Group Supervision

Individual Supervision: $50 per 1-hour session

Group of 2 Supervision: $50 per person

Group of 3 Supervision: $30 per person

Group of 4 Supervision: $25 per person

Group of 5 Supervision: $20 per person

Individual and Group Supervision

Tailored Supervision Approach

Our supervision sessions are not just a box-checking exercise, they are a vital part of your professional development. During each session we will:

Tailored Supervision

Review Current Cases: Dive into real-world scenarios to enhance your practical understanding and skills.

Apply Evidence-Based Practices: Integrate proven methodologies to ensure the highest standard of client care.

Utilize Practice Questions: Prepare for your exam with tools and questions designed to test and solidify your knowledge.

Ready to Excel on Your Exam

Ready to Excel

Our goal is to ensure that you're not just ready to complete your hours, but also to excel in your licensure examination and beyond. With our support, you'll approach the exam with confidence, armed with the knowledge and practical expertise to succeed.

Get Started with Healing Steps Supervision

To embark on your path to licensure with Healing Steps Counseling Center, please contact our dedicated supervision coordinator.

Join us at Healing Steps and take a decisive step toward your future, filled with professional achievement and the profound satisfaction of making a difference.