Amanda Bizios

Amanda Bizios

Meet Amanda Bizios

Credentials and Education:

Amanda has received her bachelor’s degree in English and Writing from Elmhurst University. She is currently in her advanced micro practice internship for her Master of Social Work from Loyola University Chicago, with a tentative graduation date of August 2024.


Amanda utilizes a client-centered and trauma-informed approach and believes that all clients hold the wisdom to grow into their best self. She prioritizes creating a welcoming and safe space where clients can share openly and works collaboratively with clients to address issues and promote self-discovery, growth, and mindfulness.

Target Population:

Children, Adolescents, Young adults, Adults, Older Adults and Couples.

​Issues Addressed:

Anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, emotional dysregulation, stress management, life transitions, relationship issues.

Types of Therapy Used:

Amanda uses an integrative approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.


Monday | 9:00am -4:00pm | In-person/online

Tuesday | 9:00am -4:00pm | In-person/online

Wednesday | 9:00am -4:00pm | In-person/online

Thursday | Off

Friday | Off

Saturday | Off

Sunday | Off